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The Truth About How Video Slot Machines Work

There are various myths and misconceptions as to how the video slot machines function. We can even say that slot machines are the most misunderstood among the many casino games today. We are therefore obliged to give you the facts of how these video slot machines work that fictions may be eliminated.

It is absolutely true that all slot machines, video slots included, are thoroughly games of chance. Players can do nothing with regards to altering the results of each spin. All slot machine games are run using computer programs that assure the winning advantage of casino over time. For a short period of time, a player can either win or lose.

When players press the button for spin, the video slot machine shows that all its reels are spinning. But in actuality, the outcome of the spin was already decided. The resulting symbols of each reel as they stop have been randomly decided through a number generator that is independent from each other. When the reels have stop spinning, a win or loss result is shown.

The odds of a video slot machine work this way. A virtual reel of video slot machines has symbols that numbers between 20 to 100. Of course, if the symbol is the high paying one, it seldom appears when compared to the lower paying symbols.

As an example, if a slot game has 40 stops available for each reel and the symbol for jackpot will only appear once for each reel, then the players' odds for hitting the highest or jackpot prize is 1:102,400,000. If for video slot machines that have more than one payline, 20 paylines for example, then the odds would be 1:5,120,000.

All slot machine manufacturers are going through an extensive mathematical testing that every reel placement will control the entire game's total pay out percentage.

The spin you make now on a video slot machine is not affected by the previous spin made. Every spin you make has exactly the same winning odds. It is even possible that you could hit the jackpot twice in a row. It really doesn't matter now if you are playing the slot machine that has not yet paid out for a week or more or the slot machine that has just paid out.

It is also important to remember that the position of each symbol on every virtual reel does not change at all. Their individual position is permanent that the right pay out percentage is ensured.

There are many systems now claiming that they can beat any slot machine. These systems are all useless because there is no way that players can beat or predict an outcome that is randomly generated.

Those myths and misconceptions with regards to slot machines are all false. This is a game of chance that one can play to have fun and excitement.

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