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Kyl requires that the invoice will pass

The senator Jon Kyl requires that the invoice of play anti line which it presented will pass in the law to the USA this year, with or without the support of the traditional industry of play.

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Thursday by Kyl it is laid out with speaking with the intrigants about play of industry, but known as: ' one-way or others, we will obtain an invoice, '. it we are added: the ' hope of I (casinos) can see their open space in manner to repair us.'

The Indian industry of play is largely of support of the invoice of Kyl, which passed the Committee of banking operations of senate by a voice July 19-0 31, since there is an allowance so that the reservations tribales carry out the bingo -test managed in network and other types of play.

However, the invoice would mean that states of the USA could not legally offer wagering on line even if if only in their borders, a movement which would violate the lines of the states, according to honest Fahrenkopf, president of the American association of play.

' this can easily be fixed by including the language which would indicate that playing must be legal in the states from where (Internet) the transmission of play comes, ' Fahrenkopf known as.

No state legalized the playing Internet, in spite of the heat of the states such as Nevada to make thus. Fahrenkopf indicates that it should be a subject for various states, rather than the federal government, to legalize the playing Internet.

The states would have this option in an invoice of play of Internet that the Room passed to June 319-104 10. The bill of Room and the bill of senate would make it illegal to employ electronic funds transfers such as credit cards, as well as of controls, for the bet of Internet.

Fahrenkopf indicated that the traditional casinos could earlier support a version of the invoice of Kyl, which reflected the legislation passed by the Room. However, the senate that the Committee of banking operations modified the invoice of Kyl to prohibit states to legalize wagering on line after the ministry for the justice of the USA is felt sorry for that the invoice of Room would increase the playing Internet. It was an exaggerated reaction on behalf of the department of justice and badly to interpret invoice, Fahrenkopf indicated.

Fahrenkopf met Kyl June 23, then wrote to the senator over September 9 stating the objections of industry to the private bill of senate. The principal objection with the invoice of Room is the shortening of the states to regulate the playing Internet well.

Fahrenkopf indicated that it hopes to meet this week with the personnel of Kyl.

' I am not optimistic, but I am not pessimistic, ' Fahrenkopf known as. ' if you turn over and look at the original invoice, we would not oppose this legislation.'

However, Kyl admits that the interests of the traditional casinos and the Indian industry of play are not compatible." It is a problem, and frankly, I thought that we work with the casinos and then it proves that perhaps they were not laid out to work with us, ' Kyl known as.

' thus you know, it can be necessary to choose (between the interests

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